Sticking Ribs (Taping)

Plastic ribs (so-called "gluing") can be stuck on all objects of ‘’New Lam’’ on the cut furniture material (so called ,,Strapping’’). After cutting the furniture materials to sizes, it is necessary to stick the appropriate rib / tape on the cut tiles (so-called "Strapping’’). Ribs are stuck with automated machine, through which the rib is firmly and accurately stuck on the detail.  
Glueing is produced with world-famous "HENKEL" brand glue. It is also possible to purchase it separately by cooperating with us. New Lam is a company importing plastic ribs to Georgia, therefore you will be able to get products and services with us at the lowest prices. If you have any further questions, please contact us at the company contact number or leave us a message. Our product variety can be found in the lower section.
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