Cutting Tiles

“New Lam's’’ scope of work, in addition to retail sales and wholesale of furniture materials, includes cutting materials with European quality equipment. Since 2011 we have been cooperating with the Austrian brand "HOSLER", and since 2015 with the Spanish production "HOLZMA" and the German production "HOMAG". Such cooperation and equipment are a guarantee of high quality work performed, therefore the customer always gets the result he wants from us.  
You will be able to get furniture cutting services at an affordable price at any “New Lam” trading unit. After receiving the order, our employees do a software breakdown to optimize costs, based on which the tiles are cut. We have high-tech machines for both horizontal and vertical cutting, which together with the right breakdown gives us the result with no loss. The most important thing is that the cost of service is our competitive advantage, consequently you will get the desired result, at the desired price by cooperating with us. Our product variety can be found in the lower section.
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