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,,New Lam’’ offers full service related with furniture materials

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Cutting Tiles

German machines are a guarantee of high quality work, therefore the customer always gets the desired result from us.

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Sticking ribs (taping)

Ribs are stuck with automated machine, through which the rib is firmly and accurately stuck on the detail.

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Our fleet of cars offers delivery service of materials throughout Georgia.

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Grinding saw blades

○ Austrian brand "KAINDL" machine equipped with water cooling system mechanism

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Container cleaning of construction waste

Our fleet of cars offers service of container cleaning of construction waste.

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LTD "New Lam Georgia" was founded in 2010 and is actively involved in the wholesale and retail trade of furniture materials. We offer furniture materials and related services to our customers, which includes cutting tiles with German high-tech machines, sticking plastic ribs on furniture materials, transportation and other services.

The history and experience of our activity began in 2005. Initially, the company was represented on the market by one trading unit. “New Lam” is constantly and steadily developing, which is guaranteed by our care and a high sense of responsibility to our employees and customers. Currently New Lam includes six trading units, which in turn include furniture material warehouses, a fleet of cars, factories and high-tech equipment required for related services (cutting, plastering). We are reliable and stable partner staffed with professional employees, which offers cooperation at the most competitive price in Georgia.

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